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It was shown in Hong Kong before.
Tackey is not the main character of the drama, but I love this so much.
He is cool in the drama.
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Takazuki Kyon
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t́nh cờ t́m thấy trên geocities (die rồi) chưa full, copy để từ từ tính kẻo ko vào được nữa ^^

episode 1
Aso tamaki<honami suzuki>the reporter who just got very good luck in her life~ she has promote to be the reporter
of the night part and this day is her wedding's party,too she marry with dr. aso who ever been married and got 1 son
aso ryu <hideaki takizawa> when tamaki and ryu meet at tamaki's wedding party. they seem to dislike eachother.but dr.kudo tell that he think that tamaki and ryu has same personality.
when first day of her married life. both tamaki and dr.kudo have to work. tamaki have to go channel 2 station to prepare herself to first day of night news reporter. and Dr.kudo has to come to his old school's party with his old wife who graduate from same school. and before they went out of the'r home. tamaki want to waste the swipe cigerratte. cos she want dr.aso quit smoking. but he said that this one is speacial.and both of them go out.
During time when she reporting ,their recieve news that has an accident on street and has 2 persons died
and 1 of them is Dr.kudo and his old wife!!!!!tamaki's very schock but 'cos her spirit she can continue reporting !!
when dr.kudo cremation.dr.aso's lawyer brought ryu to respect his father and tell tamaki that he just bought him to respect his mom cremation before coming here.tamaki seem to feel sad with ryu just a little.
when she come home.and seeing the swipe cigerratte that dr.kudo said that it's important to him she begin to cry hardly.
and suddenly the bell ring.when she wipe out her tear and go to open door. she see that the lawyer comes.
he come to talk about some documents and then he ask her to do something and bought ryu come in the house and say that ryu's parents both died and his aunt is now in africa and he can't contact he want tamaki to take care of ryu 'till he can find ryu's aunt. tamaki suddenly reject and pursude them out of her house.
when she come to channel 2station. and report news she see that the lawyer comes again. so, they begin to talk about ryu.
he say that ryu ever commit suicide by jump from the roof but thanks god that he fall to the truck's roof.
tamaki listen it but she doesn't care and reject it,again but when he continue annoy her by talk about it.
finally she say"how long?"
" !!! so just 1 month thanks!"
"nono!! just 1 week!!"
"ok.ok. just 1 week"
when ryu come to tamaki's house. she take him to live in guest room and tell him about rule in home
"so, remember that you have to do everything by your own we don't relate. do u have any questions?"
"yes, do u have something i can eat?i'm very hungry now."
"i just said that everything you must do by your own!"
and then she begin to work but has annoy by loud noise from kitchen, cos ryu never cook so he break many dishs.
tamaki can't bear it anymore so she go to kitchen and say to ryu"let me cook for you. but this'time is the last!"
when she begin to cook ryu just relize that tamaki ca't cook,too so his face turn to be riddle that tamaki's food can eat or not.
while tamaki cooking. the door'sbell ring.and when she come out to see who's come.
she find that ryu order pizza!!!!
"why you order it !!?even you know that i cooking for you!"
"cos,i'm really hungry .pizza take 30 mins to be ready. but your food................don't know when it finish and even it finish i don't know that i can eat it or not. but it's has beer for bonus you can drink it cos i don't drink beer"
tamaki still angry but she accept beer that ryu offers.
everyday pass and tamaki seem to be annoy by ryu.until it's 7 days pass.
in the morning of last day,tamaki wake up with smile and say to ryu
"bye~~ don't forget something here,ok?hope we not meet.again."
ryu doesn't say anythink back. and walk away.
when tamaki finish her work as reporter she come home with happily but when she arrive at front door she see a girl
standing and watch stright to her and then running away.tamaki don't know her. and when she go in her home she see many boxes in her home and see the lawyer with ryu.
"what r u doing here?"
"i will live here cos this is my dad home so i can live here"ryu says
"no you can't!!"
tamaki really angry and then the lawyer tell her that if she can't live with ryu she have to go by herself cos this home is sharing between ryu and tamaki.tamaki really angry and when ahe go out from her room she see that ryu go in dr.kudo 's room
she argue with ryu that she don't want he lives in this room and don't allow him to touch the swipe cigerrate.
ryu really angry and then he throw it to the broke in many pieces.
tamaki see it and begin to cry and shout
"get out of this room!!!if u don't i will!!!!
when she begin to walk out.ryu walk out before...
at that night,tamaki can't sleep,so she walk to dr.kudo room and sit at dr.aso desk and her eye glance at the pics of
dr.kudoand and ryu when ryu still young.
and she find pice of paper wrote by ryu
"happy birthday dad, i made this swipe cigerrate for you. but don't smoke so much,ok? i love you, dad by ryu"
tamaki read it and walk to see the broken piece of swipe cigerrate and see that on the bottom of it has a word
"ryu"tamaki seem schock and really feel soory about everything she did.
when she realize that ryu don't come home she begin to woory about him and decide to look for him.
but suddenly the door beel ring but when tamaki open the door it's not ryu that comes.
but there a group of boys and girl that taking radio with them come in and then ryu show up.
they making loud noise and tamaki really angry about ryu. they argue again
"let them out!!!"
"no they're my friends"
"so!!!you will realize that living with me is not easy like you ever think"
"no. you should be the one that will realize and go out not me."
while they argueing the phone suddenly rings and tamaki answers it.
its a call from the station that she have to go to station they stop argue and tamaki go out.
when ryu go in dr.aso room and see the swipe cigerrate that now has already fixby tamaki.he seem to be surprise and feel good about


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Takazuki Kyon
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episode 2
Tamaki and Ryu have to live in same home and and they alway argue tamaki scold ryu about the toilet and ryu scold her about
washing machine. while ryu walk to his room he step on something and when he look at it, it 's tamaki's brooch.
when tamaki see it. they argue again
"oooooo this is my favorite brooch"
"if you don't put it on floor,i won't break it"
ryu say and go out .tamaki really angry on ryu but dont' know what to do.
when she go to the station, the producer say that he heard about romor that now in gamecenter has a brothel in it.
and has many high school students go to work there. tamaki agree to do this news,too
when she back home.she see that the lawyer come to make dinner. cos ryu call him.
and then they eat together but still argue.
when night comes, tamaki found the matchbox fall on the floor and she woory that maybe ryu smoke but she doesn't ask ryu about this.when tomorrow coms. the school calls her to come.
at first, tamaki doesn't want to go but finally she goes.
teacher of ryu say that ryu is quiet boy and he was absant for 3 days.while day talk tamaki see a same girl that she ever met on the front door of her mansion. and teacher tell that a girl is ryu's classmate. but when tamaki smile to her.she run away.
then teacher take tamaki to look at hocky ground and tell her that ryu is the best player of hocky team. he brought many fame to school.tamaki surprise to hear it.when she come home. ryu don't come back so she wait till it almost midnight and ryu come back.but tamaki doesn't ask him any question,cos she think that they're not relate.
at morning.tamaki see a lot of money in ryu's bag.but she don't ask anything.and when ryu go to school.tamaki get a phone from the lawyer, he say that he want to follow ryu to see where he going and he will report tamaki soon.
he follow ryu and see that ryu go in the jewelry store.he wonder why ryu go in.and call tamaki to come here for follow
ryu,too.tamaki say that she doen't interest in this information and why she have to worry about ryu.but finally she come to jewelry store and follow ryu.she follow 'till ryu go in the game center.and she realize that it's the game center in the rumor!!
at the entrance of gamecenter.she meet the lawyer and both of them talk loud.and finally ryu comes.
"why both of you here?"
"i just come to serch some information about the brothel in this gamecenter."
" just come here for your own job like when you report news about your own husband deads!"
tamaki stunn and ryu walk in the building and go in the lift. the lawyer and tamaki follow him in to the lift.
tamaki ask ryu about why he come here
"why you come here?"
"i work part time job here.they give me a big."
"why you want a lot of money??what you want to do??"
ryu don't answer it .and suddenly the lift broken and stop!they have to wait in till the machenic comes.
tamaki 's very woory about her jobs cos it's time really near the night part news.
when the lift can works and tamaki run out in hurry.ryu follow her and shout
tamaki hear it and turn to him. then ryu throw a little box to her.tamaki get it.but don't know what is it. but she don't have time to thinking so she run to her car and hurry to the station. while she call the producer that she maybe not in time.
she stat to slip out the box that ryu give to her. then she see that it's 's brooch and it's the same as her broken brooch!!!!!
she just realize that ryu working part time job for buying her this brooch.~~then she talk to the producer
"i will come in time!surely"
when she arrive the producer has prepare another reporter for the case that she can't come in time.
but when tamaki has do it in, that girl really angry and seem to envy tamaki.
in same time,ryu dress in waiter suit in the shop. he watch tamaki report news and see that she use the brooch that ryu bought for her.ryu smiles.and then tamaki report about the game center that has a rumor, she say that this rumor doesn't improve,yet
and she say"boys who work in games center don't have to do the wrong work. maybe they do the right don't believe that they're all bad.cos,the rumor"
ryu and tamaki ,now has some relatate between them but they don't realize it now.


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Takazuki Kyon
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Ryu's a captain of hocky team and he's the best player of this team,too but he never care the others in his team.
cos, he think that they 're all useless and he can win every match by, his friends in team really dissatisfied about Ryu.
so they argue and then one of them rip out Ryu's shirt. and Ryu really angry but doesn't say anything just walk away.
when Ryu walk out he meet a girl <Kyoko fukada>who the same that tamaki saw in front of her apartment.
and she's Ryu classmate and being a manager of hocky's she call Ryu while he walk pass her.
"hey! Ryu....your shirt has been rip can i fix it for you??cos. i'm your team's manager..."
"no thank."Ryu say and walk away.
AT the same time,Tamaki 's at Channel 2 station and now she discuss with the producer and the other about the head news of this week.
the producer agree to use the economy news but tamaki protest about it. and offer news about garbages.
and then they're all agree with her and let's the other reporter do it. but tamaki want to do this news by her own.
so, she has her team for do this news. but she doesn't care them and always reprove them.
and tamaki thinks that her team can't help her at all cos she can do all think by herself.
when tamaki arrive home and Ryu arrive home,too tamaki work in front of her computer about garbages news.
but though, she do garbages news. she never split garbages.and Ryu remind her that she does't do it.
and Ryu ask for pin and thread. tamaki give it ti Ryu and go back to work
while Ryu try to sew his torn shirt. but he can't make it. and tamaki laugh when she saw Ryu try to do it in wrong way.
so Ryu hand his shirt to Tamaki and say
"please fix my shirt"
"why i have to do it for you??"
"you can it. don't you?? maybe you can't"
"give it to me!!"
tamaki try to saw Ryu's shirt but she doesn't succeed about it,too
finally,the lawyer comes and fix the shirt for Ryu.
tamaki really ashame that she can't do it. and ask why the lawyer come to her home
he answer that he just got gobe meat and want to make sukiyaki for Ryu.tamaki say that her home don't have sukiyaki pot.
but the lawyer take it with him,too!so they 3 eating together like a family.
and the lawyer say that tamaki and Ryu really be the same personality.cos, both of them eating the same way.
but both of them disagree but suddenly tamaki get the meat from pot and ryu get ,too but it's the same meat.
so both of them fight for that meat finally Ryu win.
" you see? both of you really be the same!"
when morning, Ryu plays hocky with his team but no one give him a ball and leave him behind.
Ryu really angry and finally they fighting.
tamaki work at the station and she dont' care her team at all. she plan to interview the officer of the eradicate garbage factory
about corruption in this factory. but she don't sure that the officer will give her and information or not.
suddenly the phone ring ,it's call from pollice station.
the police say that tamaki has to come to police station to take ryu out.cos he fighting with his friends on the street.
tamaki feel frown but she decide to go to take Ryu out. but suddenly phon ring again. and it's a call from that officer!
he decide to give tamaki the information.tamaki really happy and decide to go to meet the officer now. tamaki forget about Ryu
she has interview that officer till almost midnight when it's finish. when she arrive home. she just realize that she forget to take ryu out from the police station!!
when she hurry out to the police station.the door open and ryu come in with the lawyer. the lawyer say that ryu call him to take Ryu out cos tamaki doesn't tamaki say that she have important work as she can't go. so ryu stare at tamaki
then tamaki say
" why you stare at me like that? you are the one who cause the problem. you fighting and has been taken to police station.
it's your fault."
ryu say with petulantly face.
"will you ask me?"
will you ask me about why i fight with them??"
"if you want to tell me you can."
"never mind! you don't interest it at all."
ryu say and go to his room don't look at tamaki who standing there and mutter about this.
tamaki work about this interview that she take with the officer while one of her subordinate give her a video that he take
about bacteria that can destroy garbage but tamaki doesn't interest at all.
when it's left only fews time before onair. the officer call tamaki to say that tamaki can't onair that interview cos he scare that
he will be kill after this interview onair.tamaki really woory about this and don't know what to do.
finally, tamaki's colleague remember about vdo about bacteria that can destroy garbages that tamaki's subordinate did.
so they decide to use it. and make it in time.but tamaki really feel soory about this event.cos she doesn't care about
her team and do everything by herself so finally she make a mistake.then she arrive at home and write the
letter for resign from her position.then door open and it's the lawyer who comes he comes to tell tamaki that
ryu send resign letter to his coach but his coach give it back to the lawyer cos he want ryu thinks about it again cos, tomorrow is the match and ryu is a captain of team.and then the lawyer see the resign letter that tamaki writes. so, he give resign letter
of ryu to tamaki and go out.
tamaki sits and watch at 2 resign from her and one from ryu.
Ryu arrive home and see tamaki sit in sitting room then tamaki suddenly says
"do you want to tell me? about the reason why you fight.cos,maybe this is the last time i can listen your problem
cos. i will resign from my job and then i can't afford is apartment.and i have to find other place to stay."
Ryu stunn and finally says
"they're all foolish.they think that i should play teamwork with them.i think teamwork is useless.i can win by myself"
tamaki listen and answer
"previously,i work with my ownself never work with my team...i think they're all useless. but today, i just realize that
i make the big mistake...very big.."
then tamaki cry while ryu stunn then both of them go to their'room.
when tamaki wake up and go out she see ryu carry hocky equipment then ryu say
"if i don't go to play this match.this team must lost."
tamaki smile and then rip out the resign letter that ryu wrote.but when ryu going to rip out her letter she don't allow.
and both of them go out.
when tamaki arrive at the station and give the resign letter to the boss.he say that it's not her fault and
that officer call to station for allow that interview for onair and he want to meet tamaki this time.then
her boss rip out resign letter and tell tamaki to go to work.
tamaki decide to let her subordinate go to take interview thatofficer and she go to see
ryu playing in hocky match.when she arrive the hocky ground she meet the lawyer
then both of them cheer ryu.
ryu playing hocky and this time he play with his team like teamwork not only himself,anymore and that make his team win!
when the match finish.the lawyer tamaki and ryu walk together.
and then the lawyer offer to make party for ryu that he wins but tamaki say that she have to go back for work and
ryu say that he have to go for work his part-time job,too
so both of them go.left only the lawyer standing there.


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The lawyer comes to Tamaki's house and throw a lot of beans around her house in order to pursude the bad thing out.<it's the superstition rumor in japan> but it's seem to annoy tamaki who working there.but it doesn't annoys Ryu who sit there and reading some meg.finally tamaki can't take it anymore and tell the lawyer to stop do this.but the lawyer ignore tamaki and continue throw beans around house and tamaki .Ryu see it and laugh while tell tamaki that some beans stuck in her hair
and come to take it out and then tamaki see that some beans stuck in Ryu's hair,too
so,she smile and take it out from Ryu's hair. the lawyer see it and say that it's look like mom and son but both of tamaki and ryu protest it and then tamaki back to work and ryu continue read meg.suddenly, tamaki feel like she want to vomit.
the lawyer really wonder why and guess that maybe tamaki 's pregnant with Dr.kudo!!
Tamaki really schoc and worry about it. but doesn't believe at she buy the pregnant test to test that she has baby or not. and the result is she's not pregnant!she really feel comfort but when she come in to the channel 2 station and listen to her colleague talk about girl that use preagnant the result is she's not have baby but finally she has!and it tell her wrong.
tamaki worry again and go to hospital to see the doctor and the result is she doesn't has baby!~
tamaki really happy and walkout the hospital entrance suddenly someone take her photo but tamaki doesn't notice about it.
when tamaki comes home the lawyer wait for her at the living room.he buy many toys for a baby but tamaki says that she
doesn't has a baby and that really make the lawyer feel disappoint.
When tamaki go to work at the station as usual.the producer tell her that her rating fall down cos she look too clam and too much he change her looking by changing her dress and make up.
when tamaki come homeshe see Ryu at the entranceryu throw her thing in the garbage place so she ask ryu why he does
and ryu say that he think it's useless. so tamaki say that ryu have to carry it back suddenly the flash warp!
someone take their pic!when tamaki go the station,the boss say that the tabliod megazine send pics that tamaki stands infront of hospital and tamaki standing with ryu to the station and ask tamaki about this. tamaki say that she doesn't have a baby.
and Ryu's just the boy that live in same apartment but she doesn't tell that ryu is her son.
so the boss say that tamaki should annouce that the rumor that she 's inlove with the boy in pic is untrue.
but tamaki disagree.cos she think that it's just a rumor and she doesn't interest.
but as time pass,Ryu has been follow by paparazzi and annoy by interviewer.and finally camara hit ryu's head.
the lawyer really angry and tell tamaki to stop this rumor cos it's annoy ryu.when tamaki tell her boss that actually, Ryu's her son.the producer tell tamaki that she sholu keep this rumor spread out cos now her rating is up!
tamaki agree with cos she want the rating higher.
as time pass ryu estrange from tamaki and they don't happy at all cos, people think their're lover and ryu alway been follow by paparazzi.finally, the producer agree to stop this rumor cos now her rating went down.
so tamaki and ryu have to read the script for the annoucement that will be arrange.
the script is untrue and really make tamaki look cool and be a good mom.
Ryu can't take it and say that tamaki use him for her job like she ever used his dad.tamaki stun by it.Ryu take a scriot and go in to his room for remember it.tamaki feel really bad cos even ryu angry about this annoucment,he remember a script for her.
then she come out the apartment with the lawyer.and they talk
"why u become lawyer?"tamaki asks
"cos,i ever saw in the series the lawyer really cool,i want to be like about u? why u become reporter?"
"because.....because, it's look cool"tamaki answer with smiles.
"but be cool is hard,right?"the lawyer say
"yes,...really hard"
tomorrow,when the annoucement begin.ryu and tamaki sit infront of many interviewers and then tamaki says
"About the rumor that Ryu,the boy who sit beside me is my lover,actually it's not true..
Ryu is my son~in law. and the reason I don't tell this fact to anyone cos.....
cos, I want this rumor make my rating up and i dont' want to lose my reputation,my position"
everybody seem schock,espeacial, the boss the producer and ryu..
while tamaki continue says
"I worry about my reputation as much as i almost forget my precious things that is my pround of being the reporter
ans i almost lost the faith that ryu has in me soory about all silly thing that i do..."
tamaki bows and go out and ryu follow her..
they go to Dr.kudo grave. tamaki sit in front and ryu stand beside.
tamaki tell ryu that she never think about use dr.kudo for her job and if she really has a baby she will raise him or her. cos
she really love dr.kudo.ryu stunn and doesn't say anything just watch tamaki.


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Honami đóng vai một biên tập viên thời sự chuyên nghiệp và sắc sảo, tài giỏi nhưng lạnh lùng trong các bài tường thuật, thậm chí với cái chết v́ tai nạn máy bay của chồng. T́nh tiết xoay quanh mối quan hệ giữa Honami và đứa con riêng mới lớn của chồng - người mà cô buộc phải trông nom <TAKIZAWA HIDEAKI>. Ngôi sao nổi tiếng của các show truyền h́nh Nagatsuka Kyozo trong vai luật sư hài hước và lăng mạn. Phim cũng đề cập đến những công việc trong pḥng tin tức và miêu tả sự cạnh tranh giữa đạo diễn và nhà sản xuất chương tŕnh, những người chủ chốt luôn tranh căi giữa tin tức đơn thuần hay tổng hợp và những chuyện tương tự.
Đây là một phim rất hay, và Takky trong phim này tuy c̣n nhỏ nhưng dễ thương và trông rất lạnh lùng!
Takky's fan phải xem. Phim cũng được phát sóng ở Thái Lan vào 11.08.200 trên ITV.
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Tôi vừa xem xong phim này. Phim hay phết. Tôi cũng đồng quan điểm Ryu rung động đầu đời với mẹ ghẻ của ḿnh. Nhưng nó khác những phim tôi đă từng xem, đó không phải là bi kịch mà có vẻ là hài kịch. Phim hay, kết thúc không quá tàn nhẫn cũng không quá xạo.
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Ḿnh đang down film này về xem, nhưng mà một số link có vẻ die rùi :(


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i saw this movie when i was child..
first see takky in drama..cute
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các bạn ơni,m muốn xem phim này th́ p xem ở đâu và xem bằng cách nào??
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