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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:icon17: Icon17 Icon17
:th_em25: Th Em25 Th Em25
,,huhuhu,, huhu huhu
:th_em02: Th Em02 Th Em02
:smile10: Smile10 Smile10
:th_em49: Th Em49 Th Em49
:icon16: Icon16 Icon16
:th_em22: Th Em22 Th Em22
:)) hehe hehe
:th_em01: Th Em01 Th Em01
:smile8: Smile8 Smile8
:th_em46: Th Em46 Th Em46
:icon4: Icon4 Icon4
:th_em18: Th Em18 Th Em18
.bum... bum bum
:th_51: Th 51 Th 51
:smile5: Smile5 Smile5
:th_em43: Th Em43 Th Em43
:icon3: Icon3 Icon3
:th_em16: Th Em16 Th Em16
:>,<: sacmau sacmau
:th_43: Th 43 Th 43
:smile1: Smile1 Smile1
:th_em39: Th Em39 Th Em39 vip vip
:th_em15: Th Em15 Th Em15
)(.** ie ie
:smile20: Smile20 Smile20
:mk22: Mk22 Mk22
:th_em36: Th Em36 Th Em36
..tim..: tim tim
:th_em13: Th Em13 Th Em13
T_T cry cry
:smile18: Smile18 Smile18
:icon30: Icon30 Icon30
:th_em35: Th Em35 Th Em35
..swe.. sweat sweat
:th_em11: Th Em11 Th Em11
..hummh:' ack ack
:smile17: Smile17 Smile17
:icon26: Icon26 Icon26
:th_em34: Th Em34 Th Em34
..oe.oe.. kry kry
:th_em10: Th Em10 Th Em10
''mzd'' mzd mzd
:smile16: Smile16 Smile16
:icon21: Icon21 Icon21
:th_em30: Th Em30 Th Em30
...ahaha.... angry angry
:th_em06: Th Em06 Th Em06
:smile15: Smile15 Smile15
:icon20: Icon20 Icon20
:th_em29: Th Em29 Th Em29
..bay;;; bay bay
:th_em04: Th Em04 Th Em04
:smile12: Smile12 Smile12
:icon18: Icon18 Icon18
:th_em28: Th Em28 Th Em28
xXx love love
:th_em03: Th Em03 Th Em03
:smile11: Smile11 Smile11
:24 yociexp24 yociexp24
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:khi33: Khi33 Khi33
:khi136: Khi136 Khi136
:khi202: Khi202 Khi202
:khi15: Khi15 Khi15
:khi81: Khi81 Khi81
:khi49: Khi49 Khi49
:khi161: Khi161 Khi161
:khi30: Khi30 Khi30
:khi128: Khi128 Khi128
:khi198: Khi198 Khi198
:khi14: Khi14 Khi14
:khi73: Khi73 Khi73
:khi45: Khi45 Khi45
:khi160: Khi160 Khi160
:khi29: Khi29 Khi29
:khi127: Khi127 Khi127
:khi195: Khi195 Khi195
:khi12: Khi12 Khi12
:khi69: Khi69 Khi69
:khi43: Khi43 Khi43
:khi157: Khi157 Khi157
:khi28: Khi28 Khi28
:khi117: Khi117 Khi117
:khi193: Khi193 Khi193
:khi06: Khi06 Khi06
:khi64: Khi64 Khi64
:khi42: Khi42 Khi42
:khi156: Khi156 Khi156
:khi25: Khi25 Khi25
:khi112: Khi112 Khi112
:khi185: Khi185 Khi185
:khi04: Khi04 Khi04
:khi63: Khi63 Khi63
:khi40: Khi40 Khi40
:khi154: Khi154 Khi154
:khi24: Khi24 Khi24
:khi111: Khi111 Khi111
:khi182: Khi182 Khi182
:khi03: Khi03 Khi03
:khi62: Khi62 Khi62
:khi39: Khi39 Khi39
:khi151: Khi151 Khi151
:khi21: Khi21 Khi21
:khi110: Khi110 Khi110
:khi181: Khi181 Khi181
:khi02: Khi02 Khi02
:khi60: Khi60 Khi60
:khi37: Khi37 Khi37
:khi150: Khi150 Khi150
:khi19: Khi19 Khi19
:khi106: Khi106 Khi106
:khi179: Khi179 Khi179
:khi01: Khi01 Khi01
:khi58: Khi58 Khi58
:khi36: Khi36 Khi36
:khi149: Khi149 Khi149
:khi18: Khi18 Khi18
:khi97: Khi97 Khi97
:khi175: Khi175 Khi175
:2057966: 2057966 2057966
:khi54: Khi54 Khi54
:khi35: Khi35 Khi35
:khi147: Khi147 Khi147
:khi17: Khi17 Khi17
:khi89: Khi89 Khi89
:2T-ghost: 2T Ghost 2T Ghost
:khi53: Khi53 Khi53
:khi170: Khi170 Khi170
:khi34: Khi34 Khi34
:khi145: Khi145 Khi145
:khi203: Khi203 Khi203
:khi16: Khi16 Khi16
:khi84: Khi84 Khi84
:khi50: Khi50 Khi50
:khi169: Khi169 Khi169
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:Takki teddybear: Takki Teddybear Takki Teddybear
:takkipupuita: Takkipupuita Takkipupuita
:Yukichanmakeup22: Yukichanmakeup22 Yukichanmakeup22
:Takki oh summer: Takki Oh Summer Takki Oh Summer
:Yukichanmakeup11: Yukichanmakeup11 Yukichanmakeup11
:Takkilookatstarsaku Takkilookatstarsakura Takkilookatstarsakura
:Yakusokulast-Takki: Yakusokulast-Takki Yakusokulast-Takki
:Takki kokko-kun: Takki Kokko Kun Takki Kokko Kun
:yochicbfp7: Yochicbfp7 Yochicbfp7
:takkichuu: Takkichuu Takkichuu
:x-dame-TxT: X Dame TxT X Dame TxT
:takkibath: Takkibath Takkibath
:buabua: buabua buabua
:Takki - sexycat: Takki   Sexycat Takki Sexycat
:x-dame-Takki: X Dame Takki X Dame Takki
:tsubaenfermera: Tsubaenfermera Tsubaenfermera
:blink: Blink Blink
:takki_s: Takki S Takki S

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